delivering result for metabolomics work
Sample preparation and shipping
CE-MS analysis for metabolomics work
data analysis for metabolomics work
  • Study design
  • Sample preparation and shipping SAMPLES
  • Extraction of metabolites
  • Measurements / Statistical analysis
  • Reporting (4 – 8 weeks)
  • Biological interpretation

HMT will provide metabolomics service as total solution covering from study design to data interpretation. Based on our experiences of over 10 years of operation, we will propose best protocols for study design and sample preparation. After accepting samples, trained technicians perform analysis based on SOP, and with required customization depending on project purpose.

Our study reports includes not only raw data but also supportive information assisting your understanding of observed metabolic changes. Further, experienced biochemist will support data interpretation by follow up discussions.

Study Report

Study Report

  • Table of target peaks with metabolite annotation and detection value
  • Multivalent analyses (PCA, HCA, etc)
  • Metabolic pathway mapping
  • Other optional analyses will be provided depending on service packages

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