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“Delivering the highest quality metabolomics data to meet the challenges of today”


Metabolomics is a cornerstone of understanding biology. HMT is the #1 provider of metabolomics in Japan. HMT is now a global provider of metabolomic profiling for a wide range of applications. HMT embraces the “Scientific Exchange” method of service. This scientific exchange offers a collaborative atmosphere for HMT and clients to actively partner to find solutions. This active collaboration is done by utilizing the maximum potential of our current platforms and working with our clients to create and understand technology development.

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“HMT leverages our experience, expertise, and technologies to advance the forefront of metabolomics and science”
“HMT Metabolomics offers new opportunities in biomarker discovery to provide pathological understanding of complex diseases beyond traditional technologies for patient stratification, disease progression, or drug development.”

HMT Biomarker Services

The need for novel discovery in medical research and healthcare is immense. The need to be proactive includes involvement from early stage discovery along with breakthrough therapies and technology. Let HMT partner with you to provide deep dive metabolomics profiling for your clinical and pre-clinical applications.

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  • HMT Biomarker Pipeline

“At HMT we offer both quantitative and non-quantitative profiling for both targeted and untargeted options. Utilizing both hydrophilic (CE-MS based) and lipidomic (LC-MS based) profiling, we provide deep coverage into the metabolome using the most advanced separation and mass detection technology of today.”

HMT Services

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  • Global Profiling

  • Targeted Assays

  • Flux Analysis

  • Lipidomics

HMT Advantages:
-Our Innovation into Novel Technologies
-Imagination to Discover New Pathways
-Knowledge Linking Data to Solutions
-Collaboration and Partnership

Learn more about CE-MS and the power behind HMT’s success

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