Non-targeted analysis of hydrophilic and ionic metabolites, including unknown peaks

Capable of measuring over 1,000 hydrophilic and ionic metabolites

m/z and peak intensities of all unknown peaks are reported

Metabolic pathway mapping, PCA, and HCA with heat map are also included

Advanced Scan provides a comprehensive analysis of over 1,000 hydrophilic and ionic metabolites, as well as unknown metabolites.
Unknown peaks are screened against PubChem/HMDB library and HMT’s Oligopeptide Library that consists of selected dipeptides, tri-, and tetrapeptides, and the results are reported.
Advanced Scan is ideal for biomarker discovery, screening to capture metabolic changes that occur over a wide area, and profiling of whole compounds including unknown metabolites.

Advanced Scan has been used for searching of new functional ingredients in foods, as well as product quality evaluation indices for foods and cosmetics that contain natural and organic ingredients.

Results will be summarized in a study report, with an Excel file containing numerical data.

The report will include the following:

  • Detected peak values, including unknown peaks (relative area values)
  • Results of comparison between groups using relative area values
  • Principal component analysis (PCA) and heat map of hierarchical clustering analysis (HCA) results
  • Pathway maps drawn based on measurement results that include central carbon metabolism and amino acid metabolism

Analysis Details

Plan Overview HMT’s CE-MS platform, which combines capillary electrophoresis (CE) and mass spectrometry (MS), provides comprehensive analysis of metabolites i.e., metabolomics. CE’s high resolution is ideal for the profiling of hydrophilic and ionic metabolites that are abundant in living organisms. Moreover, it enables the detection of metabolites that are difficult to separate with other platforms.
Main Applications Search for biomarkers in blood and other body fluid samples. Establish quality evaluation index for food, industrial products, etc.
Target Metabolites All metabolites that can be measured by CE-TOFMS. Ionic metabolites derived from samples, including compounds with unpredicted structural formula (a target list is prepared for each test).
Sample Type Most types of biological specimens
Platform CE-TOFMS
Standard Turnaround Time Within 60 days

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of Advanced Scan?

Advanced Scan is recommended for those who would like to profile unknown metabolites. It can be used for non-targeted, highly comprehensive screening of biomarkers, new functional food ingredients, and product quality evaluation indices for natural and organic ingredients found in foods and cosmetics.


What sample types can be analyzed?

We analyze all kinds of samples at HMT. However, please contact us first as certain sample types may be subjected to Japan’s customs restrictions.


Is there a minimum order requirement?

We accept a minimum of 20 sample for Advanced Scan. Bulk discount is available depending on the number of samples. Please contact us for details.


Can you quantify the concentration of metabolites?

HMT’s 110 or 353 selected metabolites are quantifiable with single-point calibration. These metabolites can be found in our Annotation List, which is available here.
Please contact us if you would like to quantify other metabolites.


What are the metabolites covered by Advanced Scan?

Please refer to our Annotation List for the lineup of measurable metabolites.


Is it possible to analyze lipophilic (or hydrophobic) metabolites?

As there are different classes of lipophilic metabolites, please choose from the following services to suit your purpose:

  • For a broad overview of changes in lipid components involved in functionality : Addition of LC-TOFMS
  • For a more in-depth look at functional lipids : combined analysis with Mediator Scan

The Annotation List for each plan can be found on their respective download pages.


How is Advanced Scan different from Basic Scan?

Basic Scan targets HMT’s standard library of over 1,000 metabolites measured by CE-TOFMS. In addition to this, Advanced Scan includes peak annotation based on HMDB and PubChem libraries, as well as HMT’s own Oligopeptide Library. For the remaining detected peaks that still do not match i.e., unknown metabolites, we will provide the data along with the m/z information.


How much does the analysis cost?

The price will vary depending on the test scale, number of samples and inclusion of any optional analyses. Please contact your local distributor. If your local distributor is not listed here, please contact us.


How do I request for analysis?

Please refer to our Service Flow.


Please check here for information on the required sample volume, study design and report.

Service Leaflet : Advanced Scan

For more detailed information, download our Service Leaflet from the following page: