Analysis of stable isotope-labeled metabolites

Absolute quantitation and distribution of labeled isotopomers

54 target metabolites involved in glycolysis, TCA cycle, PPP and amino acid turnover

Analyze the increase or decrease in activity and directional flow of each metabolic pathway

F-SCOPE is a unique plan for the analysis of metabolites labeled with stable isotopes such as 13C, etc.
It targets 54 hydrophilic and ionic metabolites related to central carbon metabolism, such as sugar phosphates, amino acids, and purine metabolites.
F-SCOPE provides absolute quantitation and distribution of labeled isotopomers, revealing any increase or decrease in activity of each metabolic pathway, the direction of the reaction, and how the metabolites are utilized in the cell.

Results will be summarized in a study report, with an Excel file containing numerical data.

The report will include the following:

  • Relative area values of detected peaks and sum of each metabolite (total isotopomers)
  • Results of comparison between groups using relative area values
  • Absolute quantitation and distribution of labeled isotopomers

Analysis Details

Plan Overview Metabolites (e.g., glucose) labeled with stable isotopes such as 13C are incorporated into the sample and analyzed. It is possible to decipher which metabolite the added label is metabolized to, and by which pathway.
(The customer is required to purchase the stable isotope-labeled metabolites and incorporate them into the sample.)
Main Applications Label analysis in central carbon metabolism
Target Metabolites
  • 30 anionic metabolites involved in glycolysis/ gluconeogenesis, TCA cycle, pentose phosphate pathway
  • 24 cationic metabolites involved in amino acid turnover
Sample Type Cultured animal and microbial cells, culture medium, animal tissues, etc.
Platform CE-TOFMS
Label 13C
(Please inquire for other label types)
Standard Turnaround Time Within 60 days

Frequently Asked Questions

What is stable isotope-labeling analysis?

Isotopes are variants of elements commonly found in nature that have different atomic masses. When a substrate molecule containing an isotope is metabolized and converted into a different metabolite, the isotope atom remains intact, allowing it to be used as a “label”. Molecules containing stable isotopes have different mass-to-charge ratio (m/z) than normal molecules and can be distinguished by mass spectrometry. Therefore, it is possible to use isotope labels to analyze which pathways are used to metabolize the substrates and what metabolites are formed from these substrates.


What kind of label can be used?

F-SCOPE typically analyzes 13C, however, it may be possible to analyze other labels. Please contact us for details.


What sample types can be analyzed?

Isotope-labeling analysis requires efficient incorporation of the labeled substrate into the samples, therefore, cells from animals, plants, and microorganisms, are typically used.


Is there a minimum order requirement?

We accept a minimum of 12 samples for F-SCOPE. Bulk discount is available depending on the number of samples. Please contact us for details.


Can you quantify the concentration of metabolites?

F-SCOPE reports quantitative concentration values for all target metabolites.


What are the metabolites covered by F-SCOPE?

Please refer to our Annotation List for the lineup of measurable metabolites.


How much does the analysis cost?

The price will vary depending on the test scale, number of samples and inclusion of any optional analyses. Please contact your local distributor. If your local distributor is not listed here, please contact us.


How do I request for analysis?

Please refer to our Service Flow.


Please check here for information on the required sample volume, study design and report.

Service Leaflet : F-SCOPE

For more detailed information, download our Service Leaflet from the following page: