Metabolomics 2014

HMTは、the 10th International Conference of Metabolomics Society(2014年 6月23日 – 6月26日)に出展いたします。

2014年 6月23日(月)~ 6月26日(木)
Daiichi Hotel Tsuruoka/Marica/Washington Hotel(山形県鶴岡市)



C-SCOPE: A Quantitative Energy Metabolism Analysis Package for Cells and Tissues
Concentrations of most primary metabolites in energy metabolism are often too low to be measured accurately by conventional metabolomics platforms. In addition, relative quantification makes is difficult to compare levels of different metabolites obtained in different projects. Further, data interpretation is often an inevitable bottleneck in metabolomics research. To resolve these issues in metabolomics, we developed C-SCOPE, a quantitative energy metabolism analysis package. Applying a capillary electrophoresis-triple quadrupole mass spectrometry (CE-QqQMS)-based metabolomics technique, we dramatically improved detection sensitivity of 63 anions up to 291-folds compared to a conventional TOF-MS-based analysis. Each of 116 target metabolites such as glycolytic, pentose phosphate pathway, citric acid cycle, and urea cycle intermediates, amino acids, and purines is absolutely quantified based on 3-point calibration, which thus realizes reliable quantitative comparisons among different metabolites in various projects. Absolutely quantified data can also be used to evaluate metabolic parameters such as energy charge, glutathione ratio, NAD(P)H/NAD(P)+, and amino acid balances, which facilitate data interpretations and provide further insights into a more physiological state of cells and tissues. Applications of C-SCOPE in cancer research are also introduced: Dramatic and specific changes were observed in cell lines treated by molecular targeted drugs, providing clues for elucidating drug toxicity mechanism. Quantitative assessment of tissue metabolome data uncovers not only tumor-specific differences but also subtype-specific metabolic trends even within the tumor profile. Supported by highly sophisticated quantitative capacity and detection sensitivity of CE-QqQMS technology, C-SCOPE provides reliable and interpretable quantitative data for advancing a wide variety of research disciplines focusing on energy metabolism.

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